Pet experts made a list of the important things pet owners should do to keep their animals happy and healthy:

  • Keep your animal's medications in their original, labeled containers.
  • Keep pet drugs stored away from human medicine and out of reach.
  • Keep a list of the medications and doses your pet needs to take...and show that list to your vet.
  • The FDA says after getting your prescription from the pharmacy, call your vet and confirm everything on the label is as they prescribed.
  • Never give human medications to pets unless your vet tells you to, for example just one tablet of Tylenol or Aleve can kill a cat.

Schuck said she hopes what happened to her dog, Rafter, doesn't happen to anyone else's pet. And she gave advice to owners.

"Don't be afraid to ask questions," said Schuck.

In Schuck's case, the pharmacy admitted fault in the mixup, saying they did put the wrong dosage on the bottle.  The pharmacy paid for Rafter's veterinarian bills as part of a settlement.  The settlement required Schuck to not disclose the specifics on the case, including the name of the pharmacy or the amount she was paid.

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