The state attorney's office on Tuesday released discovery material in the case of a Mandarin man charged in the shotgun killing of his wife.

Jacksonville police said Peter Jensen, 23, killed Karina Jensen, 24, after playing violent video games. The material does not specify which games.

Crime scene photos of the garage apartment show several shotguns, a rifle, two handguns, a machete, a silencer, lots of shotgun shells and loose bullets. There's marijuana, three little pot seedlings in blue Solo cups, and prescription bottles all over the place, along with lots of video game equipment, as seen in the photos. Several pictures also show a large pool of blood, as well as the windows police said Jensen shot out, and the door.

37-minutes of 911 calls

There are 37-minutes of 911 calls, including one from Peter Jensen's parents, who called from their home. The garage is detached. The father said he'd heard three gunshots and that no one had been shot that he knew of.

Jensen's mother got on the line and told the dispatcher her son was screaming, on drugs, saying stuff about being afraid there's a bomb, and talking to his wife.

Jensen's mother can later be heard talking to her son once he was outside.

"Peter, come here," she said. "He's trying to get through the fence. He doesn't have a gun."

An officer then yelled, "Put your hands up," and Jensen's mother told him to do the same, saying, "Peter, you need to go to a hospital."

A friend who was with Peter and Karina Jensen called 911 from his car frantic.

"It's a murder. He just snapped," he told a dispatcher. "He ran inside, started shooting. His wife was trying to calm him down and he shot her in the head."

According to the 20 pages of police reports, Peter Jensen blamed the killing on drug dealers. He never makes any admissions, investigators said.

Jensen maintains innocence in interrogation

Jensen maintained his innocence in a more than hour long hard-to-follow police interrogation jumping from one topic to the next, with bold allegations about what happened the night his wife was killed inside their Mandarin apartment

Detective: "Every you said, don't make no sense?"

Jensen: "You're trying to frame me for something I didn't ever do. He went over to the corner and whatever, he grabbed my gun."

Detective: "This was last night?"

Jensen: "I mean, whatever night. I mean I was hella high. I was high as s***."

Detective: "What gun did he grab?"

Jensen: "He grabbed my 12-gauge."