Detective: "Ok, then what happened?"

Jensen: "He came over to the couch and just shot my wife in the freaking head, man."

Jensen claimed he had been on a two-day binge the night his wife was killed. He told detectives he was smoking bath salts and marijuana, when his friend and drug dealer, "Matthew" shot his his wife, Karina Jensen in the head in September.

Crime scene photos inside revealed a collection of shotguns, handguns, a rifle, a silencer, a machete  and dozens of shells and bullets.

During the interview with detectives, Jensen went on to say "Matthew" raped his wife before shifting back to the night of the shooting, where he said he and Matthew struggled over the shotgun.

Jensen: "I got to him. Like went around Karina and turned it around and then he just ran the other way." 

Detective: "When you got it in your hand, then what did you do?"

Jensen: "I shot. Like, as much or however many shots were in it."

Police report found Jensen naked by shed

According to a police report police found Jensen naked by a shed, where he was heard shouting, "I'm not the guy you're looking for. I didn't kill my wife. It was the drug dealers." 

Legal expert Gene Nichols said Jensen's competency must first be determined before the case can move forward.

"I am absolutely confident in both experts that both sides will hire to determine if these were acts of a madman, or if these are acts of a man who is trying to delay the system," said Nichols.