An Orange Park High School football player accused of rape pleaded guilty Wednesday, and another player charged said he was not ready to enter a plea and may be moved to adult court as a result.

Kiari Hill and Sherrod Lawson appeared in juvenile court Wednesday afternoon on sexual battery charges. The 17-year-olds were arrested in August.

Lawson entered a guilty plea to one charge of sexual battery on a person older than 12 and will be sentenced to high-risk juvenile lockup, possibly until he's 21. He may also end up going through a strict probationary period, the judge told him. Lawson will not be labeled as a sex offender because the judge said he felt this was a one-time incident.

Hill initially pleaded guilty to all three charges he's facing, but then changed his mind and withdrew his plea. His case will likely go through adult court with his decision not to plea, a judge told him. Hill's lawyer will go through more pretrial discovery materials.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office said both assaulted one teenage victim, and Hill is accused of assaulting two other victims. The Sheriff's Office said none of the incidents occurred on or near school grounds.

According to the first arrest report, the two teens went to one of the victim's homes after school on Aug. 25. The victim said they went to her bedroom to watch a movie when they started "talking nasty" and began taking off her clothes, according to the report. Despite being told to stop, the victim told deputies they took turns sexually assaulting her, the report said.

The mother of the girl in the attack said she wanted to tell her story.

"My daughter has to carry this for the rest of her life, and I believe they should have something to carry over their shoulder for the rest of their life, too, to affect their life somehow," she said.

Investigators said a second incident happened the day before. The second victim told detectives that she got a text from Hill asking if she wanted to meet him. She said when she and a friend met Hill and another person, the four of them were in his vehicle when he began to make sexual advances and she told him to stop, according to the report. According to the arrest report, Hill continued to force himself on her until she fought him off and got out of the vehicle.

A search of Hill's vehicle turned up enough probable cause to obtain an arrest warrant for Hill, investigators said.

A charge of lewd and lascivious battery, the third charge against Hill, was later added. Hill's previous two charges are for sexual battery.