"We're a family restaurant," said Fionn MacCool's Manager Paul Glaser. "Things like this don't happen to us, it's so unreal."

Glaser said the recent crime is very unusual and despite the recent rash of violence downtown, Glaser thinks the Landing is a safe place at night.

"It's been a super safe location," said Glaser. "The landing to me has been one of safest places in this city. I managed at the beach for 7 years, saw a lot of craziness all over the beach."

Jasmine Hicks is a waitress at the Landing, and when she gets off work at night she's escorted to her car by a police officer, but she said not everyone has that luxury.

"Do you think in general this is a safe place to be?" Channel 4 asked.

"No, depending on what age range, most people wouldn't know how to handle themselves and quickly go for violence," said Hicks.