“They would have had to go through the bank drive-through, say they didn’t have the account number and show them my driver’s license,” said Jane. “The person never double-checked the picture.  The bank teller then would fill out the deposit slip, put my account number and send it back to them all they would have to do is sign it.  And those signatures never even matched mine.”

Jane goes on to show us a copy of one of the checks that tellers cashed through the drive-through.  She says, "none of the signatures on the deposit slip they signed matched.  Looks like they signed it twice.  I was told by the bank that the first time they didn't think the signature was mine."  She goes on to say, "then the manager came thru looked at the signature, asked them to sign it again, and it's exactly the same and all she (manager) said was that signatures change and still handed over the money."  

Even when Jane closed her account and opened a new one, she says tellers still gave out money from her accounts.  She says two more  checks for $1,900 and $1,800 were cashed at the drive-through, six days after she called the bank to put the fraud alerts on her accounts. 

“How hard is it to ask for a password? You put all these security measures in place, thinking your money’s safe,” said Jane. “Out of seven locations, only one actually asked (for the password) and it scared the person off and they drove away.”  Jane says her bank told her that when a bank teller in the drive- through accesses a customer's account on their computer, there is a screen that pops up asking for the teller to type in the customer's password.  Jane says her bank told her, that the teller can hit a button that bypasses that request. 

It took Jane three weeks to finally be able to access her accounts.   All of the money that was stolen from her was reimbursed to her by her bank. 

Channel 4 did call Jane’s bank to get some answers.  The bank told us it is still researching Jane's account to get us some answers.    Detective Brantley says he thinks bank tellers don’t ask a lot of questions because they want to keep their customers happy and don’t want to upset someone by questioning their deposits or withdrawals.