"I believe that we as a party can stand on our principles, and people will still join us and vote for us if they don't agree with us 100 percent of the time if they know that we care and they know that we are ultimately the party of opportunity," Curry said.

The report also touched on the way the party would campaign. It suggests moving up the 2016 convention to as early as June so the party nominee can tap general-election funding earlier; and limiting the number of primary debates to 10 or 12 rather than the nearly two dozen during the last presidential primary season.

Of the things Republicans are proud of, according to the report, they hold governorships in 30 states, and they say they routinely win a much larger share of the minority vote than Republican presidential candidates. They say it's time for Republicans on a federal level to learn from them.

Channel 4 spoke with many Republicans Monday night who agreed that the GOP needs improvement. 

"I believe that we didn't have a good message for the Hispanic community (in the last election)," said Hector Sanchez, a Republican volunteer. "Even though I had two Hispanic volunteers with me, a guy from Nicaragua and a Cuban guy."

Billie Tucker, a member of the Tea Party, told Channel 4 not all conservatives will enthusiastically react to the suggestions.

"There's a lot of discussion between conservatives and establishment. And I think there's going to be a little bit of a war. I don't think conservatives will fall to the wayside and say okay we're going to accept these things you want. I don't think they will they're going to stand up," said Billie Tucker, a member of the Tea Party.