A Regency restaurant reopened Friday, just over a week after an 18-year-old employee was shot and killed inside.

DeShane Harris, 18, was shot in the head before 9 p.m. June 15 as he was nearing the end of his shift at La Salsa Mexican Grill. He died the next day.

Shane had just graduated from Sandalwood High School and was planning to enlist in the Air Force.

The restaurant remained closed for a week, and on reopening day, the managers are donating all of the profits to an organization trying to help stop violence.

"We're going to honor Shane's memory by giving all of the sales for the first day that we've reopened to the Brady Center for Gun Violence in Shane's name," said La Salsa's Eric Farr.

Ernie Penyet and Javerna Powell heard the restaurant was donating all the money raised to fight gun violence and wanted to be part of the effort.

"The effort's good," Penyet said. "Anybody that can and will help, please come by. It's good thing."

"I'm donating money -- I'm donating 20 bucks, if it will help. I'm eating here today," Powell said. "I really want to make a change, and we need to clean up the violence."

Harris had just graduated from Sandalwood High School and was planning to enlist in the Air Force.

Another La Salso employee, Kyle Bass, 19, was arrested after the shooting and is being held on a weapons charge, but has not been charged with killing Harris.

For Harris' family, the restaurant's outreach and effort to help end the violence is significant.

"His mother had made a comment soon after the tragedy that she didn't want Shane to have died in vain, and I'm with her on that," Farr said. "Whatever we can do to, one, honor Shane's memory and, two, give back to our community, it's our obligation both as businesses and human beings."

LaSalsa said the response has been very positive, both from their customers and other businesses. Its supplier, Sysco, donated much of the food served in the restaurant Friday.

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