Three months after the night that changed his life forever, Jaguars player Richard Collier broke his silence, speaking out about the night a gunman opened fire on his SUV and shot him 14 times.

The incident happened in early September outside a Riverside apartment building, where Collier and a teammate were waiting for two women when police said a man seeking revenge on Collier opened fire.

As a result, Collier is paralyzed and had part of his leg amputated.

The football player recently talked with the Orlando Sentinel, saying, "I remember everything. I just remember the whole incident. It plays back in my mind all the time. Try to come up with these scenarios, if I did this, if I did that"

"Everything happens for a reason. I don't know my purpose in life yet, but I just know that this didn't happen for no reason."

The accused shooter, Tyrone Hartsfield, has pleaded not guilty.