The revenue-generating proposals by BART staff include:

  • An in-station video network featuring advertising and train arrival times near the fare gates plus news, weather, financial updates, but no audio, on the platform.
  • An on-train video network with news and advertising, but no audio.
  • Selling station co-naming rights so a company could append its name to an existing station name.
  • Selling advertising on the exteriors of trains, including full train wraps, ads on train doors or banners below the windows of trains.
  • Leasing sections of BART rights-of-way to advertisers who would erect digital billboards.

The amount of money each of those options could generate would depend on market demand, the economic recovery and the time and cost needed to establish the new advertising, said Aaron Weinstein, BART's marketing and research manager. But the potential is huge.

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If we put our heads together, we can turn the Skyway and mass transit around in Jacksonville overnight by simply working to better utilize our existing assets and funding sources. All we need is a little bit of creativity, an open mind, and the will not to accept the status quo as a final answer.