School documents found in road

Duval County Schools to investigate how documents were misplaced

Published On: Jun 15 2012 11:21:29 PM EDT   Updated On: Jun 16 2012 07:45:56 AM EDT

Charlie Bonacci told Channel 4 Friday night that he thought he had found a bag of trash off McDuff Avenue in Northwest Jacksonville, but that trash turned out to be some important school documents from decades ago.

"From what I can tell it's report cards from 85 to 89 and some other records from grade school," said Bonacci.

Bonacci said he was stunned when he found all the documents inside the bag included the full names and social security numbers of former students from Lee High School.

"They got social security numbers on them," said Bonacci as he showed Channel 4 the documents. 

Channel 4 contacted the Duval County School district to see how these old documents could still exist and how they could have been left on the side of the road for anyone to find.

"We're certainly going to move forward with an investigation to determine how these records made it to the location that this gentleman said they were found," said School District Spokeswoman Jill Johnson.

Johnson said report cards no longer have social security numbers printed on them, but they did a few decades ago when identity theft wasn't so much of a problem.

"Security is our number one priority, so we'll do an investigation to see if maybe a teacher was disposing of them in a classroom and maybe didn't use proper protocols for disposal," said Johnson.