Southside neighborhood is calling for action

Published On: Mar 31 2013 01:12:11 PM EDT   Updated On: Mar 31 2013 02:11:39 PM EDT

A Southside community is calling for change after police say a speeding driver hit the same house where just 8 months ago another vehicle, driven by Ismet Sijamhodzic, crashed into 17-year-old JaNay Jackson's bedroom as she slept, killing her.

This time investigators say a speeding car smashed through their fence Saturday afternoon and into the yard. Neighbors say it's yet another wake up call.

"I'm hoping that the city really takes a look at this intersection and perhaps puts a reflector a barrier something to protect the citizens of this community," said Margie Salem, a neighbor who lives nearby,

That's what many in this neighborhood are hoping for, too: Something to stop the many drivers they say travel these roads far too fast.

"They're going to fast for this neighborhood I can tell you that, and it is scary at times because you just don't know, are they going to stop?" neighbor Amy Masters said.

"After the accident people were a little bit more cautious, stopping, coming to a full complete stop and looking," Masters says she saw a slight difference after the first crash at the Jackson's home.

She says the change was short lived, and now after another crash, she's worried about the neighborhood.

"There's a lot of children out in this area we have the school Englewood School is not too far away there's a church down there that has a school."

Now she and others on this street are asking for a speed bump, a sign, anything that may get drivers attention. It will be up to the city to grant their request.