It’s used for medical procedures, science experiments and road construction. It’s so cold it can cause frostbite on contact! Even though it’s colorless and tasteless, one family proves it can help make one of the most popular summer treats, taste better than ever.

Wendy Eustace and her family are ice cream connoisseurs. When pals Ben and Jerry could no longer cut it, they took the batter into their own hands.

"It just started as an experiment," said Wendy Eustace, owner of Private Island Ice Cream.

For the past five years the family has been creating ice cream from liquid nitrogen.

"We’re ice cream freaks so as soon as we figured this thing out we started playing with it a lot," said John Eustace, Wendy’s husband.

At 320 degrees below zero the nitrogen freezes cream instantly. First up is Wendy’s sweet and salty blend.

"Scoop some caramel, and then sprinkle in her special ingredient…sea salt" Wendy said.

Next, eight shots of cream mix, then comes the fun part—liquid nitrogen. Out of the fog comes a creamy concoction. Then, Wendy watched as her husband John got in on the action. He showed us his spicy specialty.

"About a teaspoon of honey, add cinnamon and some cayenne pepper...it just depends on how spicy you want it, I like mine spicy," John said.

Quick freezing preserves the nutrients in food so the quicker the cream freezes, the smoother and creamier the ice-cream will be.

"It freezes the ice crystals so quickly that the ice crystals don’t get a chance to grow," John said.

While it makes for cool show, it’s not all child’s play.

"Surprisingly enough, tequila and strawberry is a real interesting one," John said.

Even if you can’t do it at home, John says the key to any good ice cream is getting a really good machine.

While kids have a lot to say, one soft spoken first-timer can barely put it into words.

"It tastes like a rainbow just melted in my mouth," the little girl said.

It’s a fine compliment for ice cream that literally smokes the competition. The family says you can add just about any ingredients to liquid nitrogen ice cream, including cupcakes, cheesecake and fresh fruit. The hardest thing to freeze? Oreos.