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  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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Mayor Curry goes one-on-one with plans for Jacksonville

Jacksonville's new Mayor Lenny Curry takes office and joins Kent Justice to discuss his plans for the River City and his four key promises made during the election.

Less Is More

A new budget begins for the state of Florida in LESS than week. But it's not the budget passed by the state legislature. The Senate and the House watch Governor Scott's veto pen - wipe away hundreds of millions in spending. We're talking to the lawmakers and to the local organizations feeling the sting...
And we're bringing you the important conversations

Potential Impact From Newly Elected Officials

Deep-dive into those citywide elections - and how the new office holders may impact Duval County. Plus, our political analyst on former Governor Jeb Bush - now officially a candidate in the crowded field for 2016, and Tara Green, an award winning county clerk - in her first term in office.

Decifering the Job Growth Claims

Coast Guard Sector Captain Tom Allan in studio with us - with the lessons learned in his three years on the job in Jacksonville. Plus - is the jobs climate improving in northeast Florida, as the Governor claims? A local employment expert explains. And we'll tip-toe into the waters of philosophy - discussing Franklin Graham's suggested boycott of gay-friendly businesses, and the gender-identity change for Bruce Jenner - now known as Caitlyn.

UNF on the Rise

Great conversation with John Delaney. He lives at the beaches, He's was a successful two-term mayor, and he's leading a Florida school with a growing reputation. Plus - the Governor's get-together, targeting contenders for the GOP nomination next summer. And, Presidential hopefuls, if not full-on candidates.

New university leaders give insight to their new roles as president

Florida lawmakers go back to drawing board in Tallahassee. How this session impacts hospitals in our area. And Kent Justice going one-on-one with university presidents of Florida State University and the University of Florida

A New Mayor in Town

One of the early announcers for President - Marco Rubio appearing in northeast Florida. My conversation with him... Plus, Lenny Curry leads the way in the citywide elections. Republicans grab most of the top spots in Duval County government. Analysis and reaction - and what the elections could mean to life in Jacksonville.

Earning the Vote

Analyzing the final mayoral and sheriff debates as the candidates make a final push before Tuesday's election. Plus we hear from the outgoing election supervisor. And our crime and safety analyst talks through the issues and concerns of parents and the teen students themselves after shots are fired into a Duval County school bus.

Corey on new offices

Candidates continue asking for votes - even as early voting continues. We introduce you to the people running for City Council in Arlington. Plus, what's old is new! State Attorney Angela Corey shows us the renovations that turned a federal building and post office - into a nostalgic and new space for prosecutors and staff. We also talk about the CRIME story in Jacksonville...Gangs - drugs - and violence.

A House Divided

There's no final score yet even though lawmakers have ended their Legislative Session. This budget battle will go overtime! We'll explain the disagreement, and the unprecedented move by the Speaker of the House. A national advocate for women in politics explains her efforts in Northeast Florida. And you probably don't know as much about Neil as you do about George, Jeb, or even Barbara… Little brother stands tall for service - and his admiration…

Filling Seats

Two of the key races for city council at large seats in Duval County. An incumbent, a community service leader, a local businessman and the former Mayor -- all four engage in the discussions.

Funding Crisis for UF Health and focusing on City Council Races

City council races continue - we'll focus on the one in Arlington, District two. Lisa King and Al Ferraro join us in the studio - either would be brand new to council. Plus - lots of experience in the chamber for John Crescimeni! He joins us to talk about the upcoming election - and issues in the city. First and foremost - the funding crisis for UF Health Jacksonville. CEO Russ Armistead joins us - as the state and the city struggle to help…


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  • Inauguration day

    It's inauguration day in Jacksonville Mayor-elect Lenny Curry and Sheriff-elect Mike Williams will be officially be sworn into office.

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