Kent Justice, This Week in Jacksonville
  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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Young gun takes aim at Florida Senate seat

Looking into the 28-year-old taking a shot at the Senate seat left vacant when John Thrasher took his news job as president of FSU> We also analyze the president's State of the Union address.

Possible online voting registration?

Panel discusses the possibility of online voting registration, the potential field of candidates for president in 2016 and deepening the St. John's River channel.

Swearing In

Governor Scott is sworn in but not without controversy, we talk with a group of attorneys about Gov. Scott's decision not to remove Public Defender Matt Shirk from office. We also talk with Mayor Alvin Brown about his decision to attend Gov. Scott's Inauguration.

Looking ahead into 2015

Taking a look a the important events that are planned to take place in 2015, including a local government race, as well as potential candidates for the presidential elections.

Women Leading Out

Today we talk about women who are leading in their careers, specifically in the Navy, politics, and coaching

The Mayoral Race Heats Up

We give you the a look at the three candidates fighting to gain or regain control of the Mayoral seat

Finalizing the Pension Reform Bill

Pension reform bill talks get heated

Developing Downtown Jacksonville

Today we talk about the impact the up and coming downtown may have on us, salary of Duval county teachers, and the medical advancements the Mayo Clinic has to come

Preparing for Holiday Shopping

Safety guidelines for shopping this holiday season, including online safety for Cyber Monday. Also, a small business owner stops by to talk Small Business Saturday and the benefits for Jacksonville.

The recent campus shooting at FSU has all local schools reviewing...

Focusing on campus security in the wake of the Florida State University shooting. And guns in school? A panel of local activists discuss the pros and cons.

Protecting your family from sexual offenders

Kent Justice devotes This Week in Jacksonville to a program about sexual offenders and predators and efforts to protect the public. Hear from a local lawmaker and a prosecuting attorney about stronger laws, protection and prevention.

Election results and how they will impact Florida

Dissecting the results from Election 2014 here in Florida and across the country.


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