Kent Justice, This Week in Jacksonville
  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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Entering home stretch of Election 2014

"Fangate" steals in the last gubernatorial debate, one more to go, and what to expect in the final two weeks before Election Day.

Crist? Scott? Libertarian candidate for governor weighs in

Libertarian Candidate for governor, Adrian Wyllie, weighs in on why Florida needs a change at the top position and what plans he has if elected Florida's next governor. Also UNF's statewide poll focusing on the governor's race, Amendment 2 and approval ratings. Plus Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra's new musical director, Courtney Lewis, explains what changes are coming to the orchestra.

Taking a closer look at the 2014 Gubernatorial Running Mates

Kent Justice speaks one on one with the Florida Gubernatorial running mates as they explain how they plan to help their candidate get elected. Former Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll also explains the importance of the running mate and why each may have been selected to represent their particular candidate.

Sen. John Thrasher on the next chapter of his life

Florida Sen. John Thrasher, named president of Florida State University, explains how the process went, how he plans to win over those who opposed his selection, what to expect as he takes the helm of the university and why he's not giving up his campaign for re-election.

Leadership Jacksonville spotlights former mayor

A new film by Leadership Jacksonville takes a look back at Mayor Godbold's administration

Mayor's budget proposal hangs in the balance

Finance Committee makes cuts to Mayor Alvin Brown's proposal, but is met with major push back. Also, Gov. Rick Scott's bus tour makes a stop in Jacksonville with the nation's eyes affixed on the upcoming governor's race.

US efforts overseas continue

Senator Bill Nelson and other elected officials explain what efforts they believe the US should make in the Middle East. Also JTA is making changes. CEO Nat Ford takes a sky-way ride with Kent Justice to explain. 

Primary Results

Neil Henrichson and Rick Hartley join Kent to talk about the voter turnout and Charlie Crist among other topics. Also, the Operation Save Our Son Forum to take place to prevent what happened in Ferguson, Mo., from taking place here.

Focussing in on Tuesday's primary and veterans concerns

Thuy Lowe and Glo Smith join Kent Justice to explain their positions on various political issues leading up to Tuesday's primary. While a trio of local U.S. Representatives answer questions on veterans concerns. And an effort to save the libraries.

New district maps spark more discussion

New district maps created by legislators have brought criticism from many angles. Bruce Hamilton leads a discussion with three prominent local figures. Duval County Supervisor of Elections Jerry Holland, Florida State Representative Charles McBurney and UNF Political Science Professor, Michael Binder provide insight on what may come next.

Focusing on city's budget, redrawing congressional district maps

City council focuses on the budget and whether or not it's balanced. While state lawmakers hold special sessions focusing on redrawing congressional maps that could impact the midterm election.

Leaders gather to explore ways to end violent crime

Violent crime is on the rise in Jacksonville's streets. A group of Jacksonville's top officials join Kent Justice to explore what's being done to change the violent trend in the community.