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  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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This Week in Jacksonville 7-27-14

Dr. Vitti talks about the passing and failing grades

Duval County Superintendent, Dr. Vitti, discusses school grades and what it takes to improve failing schools. And Congressman Ander Crenshaw focuses on the holding the IRS accountable.

This Week in Jacksonville 7-20-14

Republican candidates for Georgia's open House seat face off

Buddy Carter and Bob Johnson join Kent Justice to discuss their candidacy to become the Republican nominee for Georgia's open Congressional seat representing coastal Georgia

This Week in Jacksonville 7-13-2014

Panel discusses America's first female four-star admiral

A panel of retired naval officers talks with Kent Justice about the promotion of the first female four-star admiral and the impact on future generations.  Also, a discussion of Florida's congressional districts just ruled illegal by a Tallahassee judge.

This Week in Jacksonville

Self-defense in school? And how far should political attacks go?

Duval County School Board member Jason Ficher talks about his proposal that addresses self-defense in schools. And should family members be off limits in political attacks? Plus a local teacher of the year finalist sits down with Kent Justice.

This Week in Jacksonville

Engineers discuss award-winning Mathews Bridge repairs

A surprising collaboration that turned the Mathews Bridge repairs into an award-winning project. Kent Justice sits down with a group of engineers involved.  Plus State Rep. Janet Adkins discusses education funding and infrastructure concerns.

Medical marijuana river dredging Learn2Earn HabiJax blitz

Medical marijuana, river dredging, Learn2Earn, HabiJax blitz

The Medical Marijuana debate continues as Gov. Scott signs Charlotte's Web into law. Kent Justice's guests also discuss the deepening of the port of Jacksonville, and programs preparing students to be the first in their family to attend college and enabling people to own homes of their own.


State reps speak about Cantor's defeat, a look at Hillary's book

A national surprise when a political David downed a Republican Goliath. While the federal representatives try to adapt to the unexpected, we're talking with your local state reps, members of the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida. Plus, the former First Lady, who has already run for President once, is being held to some of those high standards and scrutiny based on her new book. Local connections and analysis on "This Week in Jacksonville."

This Week in Jacksonville

Governor Scott sues VA

We're checking on the progress of the investigations of Veterans Administration Hospitals as Governor Scott files a lawsuit. And locally where does Jacksonville rank in the number of reported HIV/AIDS cases and pedestrian incidents.

This Week in Jacksonville

First Coast Forum Follow-Up

Stand Your Ground is a hot topic once again in Florida. Does it stand on its own or does it need to be redefined? We review last week's First Coast Forum and hear from the parents of Jordan Davis. And the fall-out from a Clay County state rep's comments.

Jacksonville Jaguars New Season New Changes

Jacksonville Jaguars: New season, new changes

Sam Kouvaris and Cole Pepper join This Week in Jacksonville to discuss the latest analysis of the NFL draft and what affect it will have on the team in the coming season. They also examine the culture change for the franchise. Finally, Shad Khan talks about how the NFL is different from the business world where he got started.

This Week in Jacksonville

Will Monica Lewinsky's recent comments impact national politics?

Monica Lewinsky returns to the spotlight in a recent Vanity Fair article. Why Now? Our panel discusses if her comments could have an impact on the political scene. We also speak to the leader of the Florida Democratic Party Alison Tant about the latest legislative session.

Looking back on the 2014 Legislative Session

Looking back at the 2014 Legislative Session

Our panel of local experts discuss the 2014 legislative session, digging into the issues that were settled and those that were overlooked, including medical marijuana, the latest on the gun debate, and Medicaid expansion.

Southeast Georgia votes
Voters returned to the polls Tuesday to finish selecting the Republican nominee for Georgia's open U.S. Senate seat, both the Republican and Democratic nominees for coastal Georgia's congressional seat, both nominees for the state superintendent of schools and a Glynn County commissioner seat.
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