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  Every Sunday at 9 a.m., This Week in Jacksonville reviews the top stories and political developments in Northeast Florida and host Kent Justice talks to newsmakers about the impact on our community.

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Filling Seats

Two of the key races for city council at large seats in Duval County. An incumbent, a community service leader, a local businessman and the former Mayor -- all four engage in the discussions.

Funding Crisis for UF Health and focusing on City Council Races

City council races continue - we'll focus on the one in Arlington, District two. Lisa King and Al Ferraro join us in the studio - either would be brand new to council. Plus - lots of experience in the chamber for John Crescimeni! He joins us to talk about the upcoming election - and issues in the city. First and foremost - the funding crisis for UF Health Jacksonville. CEO Russ Armistead joins us - as the state and the city struggle to help…

Examining the mayoral election

Jacksonville City Council races are weighing in on who should be the next mayor. Two Republican councilmen are endorsing the Democrat in the race and a former candidate is refusing to recommend either of the remaining options. Plus: A community leader talks about his legacy as he leaves Jacksonville after 17 years.

Body Cameras?

Special election season comes to a close - so we're trying to dispel any mystery about St. Johns County candidates with similar names. Also, Sheriff John Rutherford talks about why body cameras for police may not solve the problem people hope it will. And One Spark is on the way! What to look for at the crowdfunding festival downtown.

And Then There Were 2

All you need to know about the citywide elections this week and what to look for in the coming six weeks as the main races remain. You'll hear from the candidates for Mayor and Sheriff, plus expert analysis. Also, honoring a man who offers his final salutes Sunday and the Adjutant General turns over command at the National Guard. We have an exclusive interview with Jacksonville's Emmet Titshaw.

The final push

On This Week of Jacksonville two days before Jacksonville goes to the polls, we focus on the final debate for candidates for mayor and seven men asking for your vote to become top cop in the city.

Getting young people active in politics

As the city of Jacksonville prepares for its first election, a new group is bringing young people into the process. Also, an petroleum advocate says Florida may miss out on energy production by restricting offshore drilling.


Today we talk about the UNF opinion poll, as well as some top issues plaguing Northeast Florida

The race for mayor is on

We examine the race for mayor of Jacksonville and the latest television ads and yard signs. And as lawmakers make their their pilgrimage to the state capital as the 60-day legislative session, a preview from the former lieutenant governor and state Senator. Plus, a discussion of funding for medical research and medical tourism.

New Plan for the Shipyards and the Jaguars Future

Jaguars Owner Shad Khan joins Kent Justice one-on-one tackling many issues including a new world class vision to revamp the downtown shipyards area, improving the entertainment experience and the state of the Jaguars.

Changing veterans lives

A local man creates GratitudeAmerica, giving veterans the chance to return home -- heart, mind, and soul. Plus, Jeb Bush back in Florida to raise money for his PAC and we talk about the last day to sign up for Affordable Health Care.

Who's in Better Position To Run For President?

The probability of Hilary, Jeb and Marco all putting their hat in the race for President is looming large, we take a look at who is better suited. Plus, Ability Housing is expanding to Central Florida, and we sit down with FSCJ president a year into her new role.


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