The DCF investigator said the boy's mother was "never completely cooperative," and she believed the mother also allowed her middle-school-aged Exceptional Student Education student to visit Bacca alone.

DCF concluded with a finding of "an indication of some harm to the child -- that the teacher's behavior indicated 'grooming,' which could have resulted in harm to the child," according to the report. DCF recommended that Bacca be assigned to a less vulnerable student population.

"Because there was no evidence of a sexual relationship, no criminal case was filed," the report reads.

After review of witness statements, a verbal warning by the victim, Bacca's statements and his email to the principal, "the statements provide substantial evidence to sustain the charge of the exercise of poor judgment and violation of School Board Policy 6.84, which prohibits fraternization with students," the report's conclusion reads.

The report says Bacca received Step II Progressive Discipline for the offense.

However, school officials said that because there were criminal charges, Bacca was eventually allowed back in the classroom.