A teen boy was shot in the leg while at an unauthorized party at the Columbia County Women's Club early Sunday morning, according to the Lake City Police Department.

Police were called to the club at 655 N.E. Martin Luther King St. just after 1 a.m. and found the teen, who they said was shot as a result of a verbal altercation.

Police said they don't know who shot him.

The teen was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Police said no one was supposed to be in the building, according to the manager of the Women's Club, W. Cooley. The front door of the building was locked and Cooley unlocked it, allowing officers to search the building for the shooter, police said.

During the search, the rear door of the building was found to be kicked in, police said. Cooley told police that the club was rented out previously in the evening, but the party was shut down prior to 7 p.m. and the club was properly locked back up.

Witnesses told police that an unknown person kicked in the rear door to the building, and more than 100 people unlawfully entered and began to gather for a party. The impromptu party had a DJ, and officer's noted the smell of alcohol and drugs throughout the building.

Police said that because of the gunshot and everyone fleeing the building, no one has been arrested for the shooting or for breaking and entering into the club at this time. They said the incident is still under investigation.

Anyone with any information about the shooting can contact the Police Department anonymously on the tip line at 386-719-2068.