"My grandbaby ain't like that. He a baby, but he's not a baby killer," Hunter said. "So they need to get that straight. He's not a baby killer."

Kevin Gough, the Public Defender representing Elkins, and the teen's grandfather spoke at a news conference Monday.

"I have known Marquise since he was a little child. The Marquise we know, the Marquise we love would never do anything like this," Elkins' grandfather, McKinley Elkins, said.

He said the national attention on his grandson has been difficult for him and his family. He said they don't feel safe in their own community.

"The family is deeply concerned about bullying of the family members by the police," McKinley Elkins said. "Please stop. Ever more troubling for Marquise's family and friends is hateful racist remarks on the Internet posted about Marquise."

Lane is in eighth grade at Glynn Middle School. Elkins was enrolled in an alternative school in October 2011 that is now defunct.

"I would ask everyone to bear in mind that Marquise or De'Marquise 'Markie' Elkins is himself a child," Gough said. "His favorite television shows are cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry. He misses his family. He would like to go home."

Police in Georgia say an anonymous tip helped them make arrests. The Brunswick Police Department said Sunday that they got a tip that someone was crouched in the backseat of a vehicle as it drove away from the shooting Thursday. The Glynn County detective's division spent hours following up on the tip and eventually arrested the 15-year-old suspect. The boy's statements led them to Elkins, according to police.

Santiago's mother, Sherry West, said she was pushing her son in a stroller Thursday morning when Elkins and the younger boy approached and asked her for money. She said she told them she didn't have any, and said Elkins shot Antonio in the head. West said he also shot her in the leg.

Elkins' family says he did not shoot the child.

A memorial for Santiago was held Monday morning.