The Future they Foresaw: Buses Until a Million Citizens

Published On: May 22 2012 03:08:13 PM EDT   Updated On: Jul 10 2012 06:00:26 PM EDT

The following article, published in the Winter of 1967, describes the planning and opinions of Alan W. Voorhees report on Transportation. Voorhees plans were adopted by the city consequently, and this article gives insight into the DNA of transit planning for the past 50 years. Sometimes keen, sometimes alarmingly thickheaded, the report was nonetheless the cornerstone of all our policy since then. 

Whatever Happened to Those Wide Open Spaces?

In the last two issues of Jacksonville, articles on Area Planning attempted to update public knowledge of what has happened to our Jacksonville in the last 35 years.

We learned how a depression and then a fantastic growth during the war years shelved the Planning manuscripts. Like most communities, Jacksonville was so busy 'filling orders' to help new residents and industries become a part of our pleasant way of life, that little thought was given to formal planning of any kind. When planning was mentioned, nobody wanted to make waves.

That isn't true today in Jacksonville. Since 1961, when the Duval County Legislative Delegation and the Florida Legislature and the Florida Legislature passed a law setting up the Jacksonville Duval Area Planning Board, a gradual excitement about planning has built up until today (with Jacksonville assuming the role of Florida's largest city) more people are getting involved than ever before.

Their sights are not short, either. "We must be thinking 50 years ahead right now ---not 20 or 25 years" they declare. And they've enlisted help too.


Jacksonville is a major transportation center in the southeast. What can we do to improve transportation? Significant projections are made for ways of moving goods and people in the next 50 years.

Planning authority Alan W. Voorhees whose transportation consultant firm is in McLean, Va., is assigned to this phase of planning. Among his findings:

Mass Transit Systems

Article and transcription by Stephen Dare