If you're looking for money saving shopping sites, look no further. These new sites offer big discounts on the latest trends and designer labels.
According to Consumer Reports, these are sites not a lot of people know about, not yet anyway. They're quickly catching on and offer a wide variety of options.

If you need new jeans, try www.Revolveclothing.com.  They carry other things besides denim but the huge selection of jeans is the star. This site also matches any websites non-clearance price and they take competitor coupons.

If you want to get noticed, log on towww.tobi.com.    This site is filled with a lot of sexy stuff, some from big designers. They have a lot of great sales and new arrivals are always thirty percent off.

One of the coolest, newer sites is www.99dresses.com. They never want you to wear the same dress twice. All you do is upload a pic of a dress you have, and if someone wants to buy it, you get paid in credits to use something else. Sellers pay the shipping cost.

If you have high end taste, try www.designerapparel.com. This site is for label lovers and it's still pretty pricey, but you'll find those top items here for a discount.

On the flipside, if you don't mind gently used gems, go to www.shoplindasstuff.com. This eBay consignment store is full of fabulous items from fashion forward ladies. You can also list your items here to make some extra cash.

For a night on the town, try www.gojane.com.  They have lots of flirty clothes at prices that make it easy to try out new trends. Also, you can follow gojane.com on twitter for promo codes.

Finally, if you are not shopping it already, another place you want to consider is super site www.amazon.com. The site has a huge selection and clothing returns are free. If you sign up for their newsletter, you can also get extra savings. For example, twenty percent off a lot of their items.