Jaguar fans were excited for Sunday's game, especially with many new upgrades to the stadium. They were ready to start anew. However, many fans left early as the game got out of hand.

Call it the 'walk of shame,' as thousands of fans started leaving EverBank Field as early as the second quarter, with the Jags trailing by a couple touchdowns.

"I expect to win, always expect to win," said Charles Stephens, a Jags fan who left the game early.

"I am disappointed. The defense didn't perform like I was expecting and the offense needs to do better," said Curtis Gregg, Jaguars fan.

Most would agree the Jaguars have a lot they can do better. On the other hand, Houston fans were ecstatic.

"I told people last week it's going to get ugly, but you made it on the board," said Trenton Harris, Texans fan.

While Harris is a Texans fan, he made an attempt at trying to keep Jaguar fans optimistic.

Still, with the disappointment of starting the season 0 and 2, there was a lot of excitement for the team. After all, it may take some time for the new owner and new coach to shape things up.

While the stands looked bare by the end of the third quarter, there were a lot of loyal fans in teal and black sticking it out for the big cats, faithful things will get better.

"I will never give up hope. My Jaguars are gonna rule this year," Jags fan Amanda Martinez said.

"I've been a season ticket holder from the very first day, 1995, not gonna lose hope, we're all in. We're here supporting the team," said Tracy Wenzel , season ticket holder.

"I'm a true Jaguars fan, I'm a good supporter. I'm here to the end. Doesn't matter win or lose," season ticket holder Lyndsay Holmes said.