1. HIV
  2. Actively spreading brain cancer
  3. Certain severe, current infections (Source: www.womenshealth.gov)


NEW TRANSPLANT THEORY:  The new clinical trial by researchers from Northwestern Medicine and the University of Louisville is hoping to ‘trick’ the recipient’s immune system into thinking that the transplanted organ is a part of the patients natural self so the need for anti-rejection medication will be reduced or eliminated gradually. A month before the transplant, bone marrow stem cells are collected from the kidney donor’s blood, then sent to the University of Louisville where researchers enrich for “facilitating cells” believed to help transplants succeed. At the same time, the recipient undergoes chemotherapy and radiation to suppress bone marrow in order to make room for the donor’s stem cells to grow. The day after the transplant, the donor’s stem cells are put into the recipient and hopefully the two systems exist and function in one person. So far, results have been good. (Source: www.northwestern.edu)