By the 1930's, Edgewood Avenue was known as the "Avenue of Progress,” featuring a large number of specialty shops and four grocery stores. One of the last structures built in Edgewood Village, now referred to as the First Block, was the Edgewood Movie Theater, which opened in 1947. This structure is now the campus of Jones College.

Edgewood's peak years were between the late 1950's and mid 1970's. In 1975, the academy building was demolished to make way for the Florida Christian Home development.

The First Block Today
The First Block remains a vestige of an era when the Murray Hill Heights streetcar line was popular. If commuter rail returns to the CSX A-Line, one of Jacksonville's original commercial transit-oriented developments will again be linked with fixed mass transit and the economic vitality it brings.

The two-story structure in the center of the image was completed in 1919. Tillman Dry Cleaners occupied the ground level in 1940.

1171 Edgewood Avenue was completed in 1933.

Edgewood Village (The First Block) is located on Jacksonville's Westside along Edgewood Avenue, just west of the Roosevelt Boulevard interchange.
Article by Ennis Davis and Robert Mann

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