Walmart pulls baby formula after baby dies

Popular dry formula pulled from shelves as a precaution

Published On: Dec 22 2011 04:51:55 AM EST   Updated On: Dec 22 2011 10:47:28 AM EST

Walmart pulled a popular brand of infant formula from its 3,000 stores.

The formula in question is Enfamil Newborn powder.

Walmart took it off store shelves as a cautionary move after a newborn in Missouri was given this formula and died.

Avery Cornett was born healthy -- but about a week after his birth he developed a rare bacterial infection and died. The bacteria that he died from can only grow in dry formula.

The national government did not issue a recall though. This is something that Walmart did on their own as a precaution.

A batch of the formula given to Avery tested negative for bacterium, but the specific bacteria in question can grow in dry formula, meaning it could appear after shipment.

If anyone has the 12.5 ounce cans with the lot number ZP1K7G, they should return them for an exchange or refund.

If anyone has any additional questions, the phone number for the company is 1-800-BABY-123.