Dos & Don'ts:  There are a few things that will make a date run into your arms, or away from them. Here are a few tips that has gathered to help a girl or guy snag that special someone.


  • Be on time
  • Laugh
  • Take things slow
  • Make your date feel special


  • Talk about your ex's
  • Be pushy
  • Over analyze your date
  • Avoid checking out other people

Deal breakers?  When you are on a first date or even after dating awhile, there are some things that will make your date squirm or run. Having bad breath, being overweight, or rude rank high on the turn-off level, but may not be a deal breaker. Surprisingly, according to It's Just Lunch when singles were asked what their biggest deal breaker was on a first date, almost half said a lack of shared interest was what made them least likely to call back for a second date.

Get your flirt on!  When guys and girls were asked what made them most interested on a date, they answered with feeling comfortable or having chemistry as a front runner. To show you're interested, don't be afraid to touch by lightly brushing shoulders or touching arms. Body language and enthusiasm are a great way to show you're interested and help your date feel more comfortable.