For Chris Kelsay, lunch at Leo's Pizza Italiano restaurant with his son is a weekly tradition.

"This is like a regular thing for us two days a week, and it's the only time I really get to sit and have lunch with my son," he said.

They get together for good food and laughs, shared with the restaurant's longtime owner Leo Canaj.

"I just love coming here because Leo just treats us -- from the minute we ever came in here, he just always treated us like family," Kelsay said.

Those days could soon be coming to an end. In October, Canaj got an email from his landlord saying his lease would be terminated in 60 days.

After 19 years building his business in Lakewood with his wife and, Canaj says, more importantly, building relationships with his customers, the news was hard to hear.

"I know the customers, everybody by their names, and everybody knows my name, my family's, my wife's name and everybody," Canaj said.

He said the eviction notice came unexpectedly. He was on a month-to-month lease but said the leasing agent assure him he had nothing to worry about.

Now a national hair salon will be there instead. And what bothers Canaj most is that the company never gave him a chance to keep his spot.

"Nobody negotiate with me, nobody come in here and say, 'Hey, Leo, we have to negotiate,'" Canaj said. "That's the problem. Even if they come high, I say, 'Oh, I agree with you, I can pay high.'"

Canaj's calls have gone unreturned, he said, so now he's doing his best to enjoy his time in the place he's called home for nearly two decades.

He's not so much concerned about what's next, but instead what and who he'll be leaving behind.

"I can do anything for work, but the only thing that makes me mad is my customers because I am special for them and they are special for me," Canaj said.

Customers have signed more than 100 petitions in the last day. The company that owns the building, Colonial Properties Trust, has not returned calls for comment.