Twelve hours after Channel 4 aired a story about trees falling across County Road 214 -- one taking the live of a young woman -- the company that owns the land had crews were out cutting down trees along the St. Johns County highway.

It's a sight that Kathryn Jefferson has waited four years to see: trees taken down along the side of what she calls "devil's Highway."

"I'm very excited about it," said the Jefferson, who lost her 19-year-old daughter, her boyfriend and best friend died when their car hit a tree that fell during a 2009 storm. "I'm glad they're coming down now. It will save someone else's life."

Trees have fallen along the road for years.  Channel 4 got involved when another tree fell in nearly the same spot five months ago, then learned another tree fell on a man's car along CR 214 in 2007.  

Then, as a storm moved through St. Johns County on Friday, another tree fell in the same area and a car hit it. The driver said had it not been for his airbag, he might have been killed.

Two more trees came down on the road Saturday, but cars were able to stop before hitting them.

Channel 4 has  pressured the timber company that owns the land -- RockTenn -- to do something about the trees on its property that keep falling. Most recently, they said they were just waiting for the ground to dry up.

St. Johns County Commissioner Ron Sanchez has also lobbied RockTenn for months to get something done.  He also came out Wednesday to watch as trees were removed.

"Every tree they take down is one less chance that someone else is going to get killed," Sanchez said.

Channel 4 was told about 150 trees will be removed.

Jefferson says it's a joy to see the trees taken down, because every time one fell across the road, she relived her daughter's death.

"I'll never be able to bring back my daughter, but I know this is getting done, and I know she would be happy that I've made this much progress," Jefferson said.  "I thank God that everyone has been behind me"