A trapper searched an Orlando lake Monday after an 11-foot alligator ate a man's 55-pound pit bull.

[PHOTOS:  Alligator attacks pit bull at Orlando lake]

"My boy, he turned around, came to me, and he took off to run back again," said Eric Glover, referring to King, his 10-month-old pit bull. "And when he took off again, the gator came out, snatched him in front of the bank here and took him in. And that was it."

The attack occurred Monday morning at Eagles Nest Park near Lescot Lane in Orlando.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Glover was playing fetch with his dog when the gator attacked the pit bull and dragged it underwater.

Glover hasn't seen King since.

A trapper was called to the lake but did not capture the alligator. The trapper will return later, wildlife officials said.

Several houses back up to the lake, which is near Kirkman Road and Raleigh Street. A bike path and jogging trail outline the edge of the lake. Neighbors said many children take the path every day to and from Eagle's Nest Elementary.