Appeals court upholds how red light violation notices are sent

Published On: Feb 05 2014 04:07:06 PM EST   Updated On: Feb 05 2014 04:07:52 PM EST

A Florida appeals court has upheld a state law that determines how red light camera violation notices are sent out.

The law requires them to be sent to the first owner listed on the vehicle's registration.

A South Florida driver filed a legal challenge after getting a violation notice involving a car that was co-owned with someone else.

The Broward County judge sided with the driver, saying their due process and equal protection rights had been violated because the law essentially granted the other driver immunity.

But the appeals court disagreed with the judge, saying the law is justified because it makes it simple and easy to administer the law.

Judges said it also makes sense economically because a notice is only sent to one person.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office currently has 24 red light cameras in operation. The last four went into service just last month along Blanding Boulevard and their grace period ended Jan. 31.

A red light camera violation carries a fine of $158.