ST. JOHNS, Fla. -

The Serbian Government declared three days of national mourning following the worst rainfall the Balkan region has ever seen. The record-setting downpours have killed 40 people in Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia and caused billions of dollars in damages throughout the region.

The damage is dredging up new dangers for people who live in Serbia, including contaminated water. The water problem is something that a local Serbian woman is trying to do something about.

Jelena Brezjanovic told Channel 4 Tuesday night that she is pushing to get filtration systems to those in her home country who are dealing with contaminated water.

“Within 48 hours, a third of the country was completely flooded,” said Brezjanovic.

Brezjanovic said her country has seen nothing but hardship over the last 25 years, and when her family sent her pictures of the devastation, it was something she couldn't ignore.

Brezjanovic’s goal is to raise $10,000 to send special filters to those hardest hit by the floods, but she said she needs help.

"All that water ironically around these people have been contaminated by just flooding the whole area," said Brezjanovic. "And I thought food and water is going to be essential for these people to certainly survive.”

Brezjanovic now lives in St. Johns County and has organized a nonprofit group to help raise money and provide water filters for the flooded parts of Serbia.

“We found a company that is called Lifesaver Systems that produce filters (and) are one of the best ones in the book. They can filter down to 15 nanometers, which means the smallest virus at 25 nanometers, it basically sterilizes the water and removes all the pathogens in the water,” said Brezjanovic. “One canister, for example, can filter up to 5,000 liters of water, which would be enough to sustain a family of five for a year.”

People who would like to help Brezjanovic reach her goal can head to to make a donation. So far the group has raised a little less than $1,000.