The sentencing for Jerry Bass, one of the people who accepted a plea deal the Allied Veterans investigation, is postponed until February, according to Seminole County court documents.

Bass is the former head of Allied Veterans of the World and was scheduled to be sentenced Monday morning in a Seminole County courtroom.

According to Seminole County Court dockets, the defense met with Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. and a motion was made to cancel the sentencing for Monday.

Bass and his attorney, Charles Hobbs, were not present during this meeting, but were notified Friday of the postponed sentencing, according to court documents.

A new date for Bass' sentencing has been set for 8:30 a.m. February 12.

It is unknown at this time why Bass' sentencing was postponed.

Bass pleaded no contest to two counts of operating an illegal lottery and agreed to testify against other defendants.

Bass and his attorney, Chuck Hobbs worked out a deal with the state, that will keep him out of jail and away from probation, but Monday Bass will be sentenced to possible fines and court costs.

"I think there's obviously the relief that you're not going to be a convicted felon, there's relief you're not going to serve any jail or prison time, but also he believes what he did was legal," said Hobbs.

Bass faced more than 200 counts of of racketeering, money laundering and other charges. He pleaded no contest to two counts of operating an illegal lottery, and agreed to testify against other defendants.

Another key player in the gambling case is Kelly Mathis, former attorney for the organization. Although Mathis said Bass' deal sounds attractive, he says the only way out for him is a jury finding him innocent.

"It is a pretty good deal for him, I'm not interested in any deal or discussing any day," said Mathis.