Agent: "He was told five times to leave. He failed to do so. OK?"

Dialogue pauses for a moment, then Gray’s wife has another encounter with a person who sounds like a different deputy.

Agent 2: "Ma'am. This is what I'm telling you, I'm gonna tell you one time, one time only. Take this vehicle and leave this, this parking lot. You're not free to be on the roadway, the county right of way or in this parking lot. You're now trespassing. I'm only gonna tell you that one time, OK? Do you understand what I'm telling you."

Wife: "Yes."

Agent 2: "Here's his property. He's going to Brevard County Detention center."

Wife: "Where is that?"

Agent 2: "I don't have to tell you because you're not gonna cooperate with me, I'm not gonna cooperate with you. What I'm telling you right now is: get in that seat, move this vehicle."

Gray was booked without incident at Brevard County Jail on two charges of resisting an officer without violence and one charge of trespassing after warning. He paid a $1,500 bond.

“It’s important because we need to watch the watchers,” Gray’s attorney said.

Donn said the incident was exaggerated and taken to levels of emotion that were unnecessary. He said the woman driving the car that was stopped was upset by Gray and felt her privacy was being violated.

“We did not create that kind of drama,” Donn said. “So I think the average citizen who’s driving their vehicle and they have an interaction with a law enforcement officer, those people would not desire that event to be videotaped and broadcast on every social media outlet available.”