"I don't think that makes it legal in California or any other state where prostitution is illegal," said Mel Robbins, a CNN contributor. "I just think it just makes it sticky to prosecute."

For the record, Seeking Arrangement doesn't say sex isn't involved.

"Just like traditional relationships you don't sign up and sex isn't part of the arrangement," Bermudo said. "Certainly as with any healthy relationship, if both parties do become a little bit more connected and do decide they want to become more intimate, then that's up to the two consenting adults."

For Bella, there's a clear distinction between what she's doing and prostitution.

"An escort gets paid to leave," she said. "I get a part of their wealth to see them again ... to give them a smile with a text before they sleep. I get paid to make them happy."

Death of Google executive

In the case of Tichelman, authorities say she had an "ongoing prostitution relationship" with Hayes.

Online, Tichelman has boasted of having more than 200 client relationships.

Security footage from Hayes' yacht shows her administer the heroin injection and what happened afterward, as he was dying, police say.

"Rather than provide first aid or call 911, Ms. Tichelman proceeds to gather her belongings including the heroin and needles," the police statement reads, adding that Tichelman stepped over Hayes' body several times.

The video also shows Tichelman leaving the boat and then reaching back to lower a blind, concealing the victim's body from outside view, police say.

Two months before Hayes died, Dean Riopelle, whom Tichelman identified online as her boyfriend, died at his home in Milton, Georgia. Tichelman was there at the time, and she called 911.

The medical examiner ruled Riopelle's death an accidental overdose from heroin and alcohol. "At the time, we never thought anything different," Capt. Shawn McCarty of Milton police said.

Now authorities are taking a new look at that death "to make sure there's nothing (else) to it," he said.