Channel 4 crime and safety analyst Ken Jefferson said it's a parent's duty to know where sexual predators are living, and if it's near a school, parents need to have a plan in place.

"Have the school resource officer be outside and visible if you have a walker coming up to school, if you have kids riding bicycles to school, if you have parents drop them off," Jefferson said. "Have that officer readily available to monitor the traffic of these children coming and going to school."

Can sexual offenders be rehabilitated?

Dr. Marcus DeCarvalho has and is treating sex offenders and says that given Donald Smith's long history of sexual violence against children, he never should have been released to the public.

"This is a a mental issue, this is an illness," DeCarvalho said. "This is something most likely, and the numbers show he will do again. You can't rehabilitate someone who suffers from pedophilia and is a sociopath."

DeCarvalho said states like New York put this type of criminal into a facility to evaluate their mental health instead of releasing them.

"Initially, I was like, 'Is this right, is this wrong?'" he said. "But when you start working with more and more people and start seeing how destructive this is and how it destroys lives, families, communities, I think it's necessary."

It's a concern shared by Michael Knox, a private forensic consultant who spent 15 years with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office as a crime scene investigator.

"Given what his history is, I think to just let him out the door and not really monitor him is going to be difficult to explain," Knox said.

He points to classic red flags: the fact he was a registered sex offender, a history of time in mental hospitals, the fact that he drove a van, which Knox says is a common choice for sexual killers and rapists, and even the fact that he lived with his mother.

Knox said there has to be a better way to flag this behavior, namely a bigger database that includes more details of the crimes.

"We have to learn from this," he said. "We cant bring Cherish Perrywinkle back, but we can use this as a learning tool to figure out how to keep it from happening again."