School leaders in Duval County are continuing to take steps to get rid of bats found at an East Arlington elementary school.

They say the bats were discovered Friday at Abess Park Elementary School, and on Tuesday, the school sent a letter home to parents letting them know the school is safe.

The district believes the three bats were found near an exterior wall away from classrooms. Crews worked to remove the bats Tuesday and have created a "one-way exit door" to remove them.

But the bat discovery angers Connie Lawrence, who believes the bats are the reason she was forced to take her son Steven out of school last September when his asthma continued to get worse.

"It was a miserable experience for my son, who loved school," she said. "And it was horrible for me to see him go through everything he goes through."

Dr. Wesley Mills, of St. Vincent's Primary Care, said it's possible for contact with a bat to exacerbate asthma symptoms.

"The main problem is going to be with children who have allergies and asthma issues because the bat droppings from guano can cause an allergic-type reaction," Mills said.

Still, the district maintains that no children were affected or sickened. And officials say it's safe to take children to the school.

"We've sealed the building up and we don't think anymore are coming in," said Paul Soares, chief of operations for Duval County Public Schools.

District leaders said maintenance and custodial staff will be back Wednesday to assess the situation. That could include cleaning the area or using deodorizers because officials say parents were complaining of an odor. Officials said they have not been able to confirm if it's from the bats.