The Dow Jones Industrial Average has hit unprecedented levels, while at the same time there are huge problems within the government related to the roll out of the Affordable Care Act.

The Dow is teetering on passing 16,000, which is something that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Certified financial planner, Bert Costa, told Channel 4 that the reason the Dow has spiked is because it's the only thing people are investing in right now. Not because the economy is great.

"The Dow has had quite a run, 30 percent over past 52 weeks, and what we're finding is that money doesn't have alternative and places to go," said Costa. "Interest rates are so low that money is reluctantly going to stocks."

Costa said if people invest in CD's or real estate right now they won't make that much money back, so the stock market by default becomes the only area to make much money.

Costa also believes that a stock market fall is inevitable, just like economic problems from the Affordable care Act roll out.

"In the short term, the problem with government operation of Affordable Care Act is not affecting the market," said Costa. "In time, I think that could affect economy and market."

Costa adds that if people want to invest money, he recommends a balanced portfolio because if the stock market does fall again, you've got money elsewhere to offset that.