It costs more than $25,000 to house, feed and pay the jury for the two-week trial of Michael Dunn.

The Duval County Clerk of Courts released the numbers Friday afternoon, but totals for security, extra personnel costs and most other costs to the city were not included.

Hotel costs for the jury totaled $13,000, with more than $5,000 spent on meals.

SPREADSHEET: 'Extraordinary costs' of trial

The jury was not treated to gourmet meals, having dinner each night at the hotel restaurant and their lunches were either sandwiches (Pita Pit, Courthouse Cafe, Firehouse Subs) bar-b-que (Bono's and Sonny's) or pizza (two meals from Big Pete's Pizzaria).

The jurors themselves were paid about $7,300. The court also had about $1,600 in costs related to supplies, and overtime for the trial clerk.

That comes to a total of nearly $28,000.