Students at Andrew Jackson High School spent Thursday making their final push to prepare for next week's FCATs.

They found their inspiration from a popular story.

During the school year, students at Jackson read the book "The Hunger Games," which has since been adapted into a movie.

The plot inspired them to create the FCAT Survival Games.

Students divided into 13 groups, or "districts," and competed against each other in different events.

Each event included answering questions based off an FCAT-style passage, then completing a game or relay associated with that question.

It was a fun twist to help students prepare for something many dread.

"A lot of times they're fearful of the test, but they've done so much work to be ready for it that we want to show them you can have fun, you can learn, show them they are ready for this test," instructional coach Jenny Crady said.

School officials said their students have been working hard, and they feel the numbers from previous FCAT tests did not reflect that.

They hope this year will be different.