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Here's some background information about the Summer Olympics, which is held every four years.

Summer Olympics: The first revival of the Olympics was held in Athens, Greece from April 6, 1896 - April 15, 1896.

The first modern Olympic champion was James Connolly (USA), who won the triple jump event.

Fourteen nations and 241 athletes (all men) competed in 43 events at the first modern Olympic Games.

The Olympic Flame was first lit during the opening ceremony of the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam.


1896 - Swimming is part of the first modern Olympic games in Athens. The first events are freestyle and breaststroke.

1900 - Men's water polo is added to the Olympic games in Paris. Backstroke is added to the swimming events.

1904 - Diving is added to the Olympics in St. Louis.

1912 - Women's swimming and diving are added to the Olympics in Stockholm.

1984 - Individual and duet synchronized swimming are added to the Olympics in Los Angeles.

1996 - Synchronized swimming is changed to team competition. Each team has eight members.

2000 - Synchronized diving and women's water polo are added to the Olympics in Sydney. Synchronized swimming is altered again to include both team and duet competition.

2008 - A 10km swimming race, swum in open water rather than a pool, debuts at the Olympics. Both men and women compete.


1900 - Archery is added to the Olympic games in Paris.

1912 - Archery is excluded from the Olympics in Stockholm.

1920 - The last time archery appears in the Olympics until 1972.

1972 - Archery is added back into the Olympic competition in Munich.

1988 - Team archery is added to the Olympics in Seoul.