Warren Minton said he was Bullard's best friend and knew him for years. He said Annie called him when she found out her father had died in the crash.

"We were close. Very close. Closer than most anybody I know," he said. "We went on a lot of rides together. He was a good man. That's about all I can say."

Johnnie Lee Bullard said he was heartbroken to learn that his brother had died in the crash.

"We weren't very close when he was alive. Now that he's passed away, I miss him," he said. "He was great. He looked out for everybody. He'd give you the shirt off his back if you needed it."

Johnnie Lee Bullard said his the family is now preparing for Ray's funeral. He says he wants to get to the bottom about exactly what happened with the crash, but for now, what matters is honoring his brother.

"I have to go on for him and for myself, too," he said. "I know if I ever have any situations with a living person, I will speak to them again and let them know before they die that I love them."