The Food and Drug Administration has a message for anyone who suffers a concussion. There are no dietary supplements that will cure or prevent them. 

FDA researchers say companies that market dietary supplements for concussion are just exploiting the rising concern about traumatic brain injuries. Dr. Andrew Russman, a concussion expert at Cleveland Clinic, agrees.

"We don't have any evidence that there is any medication, vitamin, or herb that helps people to recover after head trauma," said Russman.

FDA researchers say one of the most common claims is that there are dietary supplements that will help heal a concussion faster.  Researchers also warn to watch for claims that these products can also prevent or lessen the severity of concussions or traumatic brain injuries. 

Again, Russman and researchers want everyone to know that there is no science to support the use of any dietary supplements for concussion.  Russman says it simply takes time for the brain to recover after a concussion.

"Rest, avoiding the symptoms, giving time for the brain and the brain processes to heal and return to their normal-state or near-normal state," he said.

Russman says there are also therapies designed to manage things like headaches or dizziness.