Claims diabetic children are being turned away from Florida pre-kindergarten programs spark the want for a federal investigation.

The American Diabetes Association and Southern Poverty Law Center want to know if the programs are discriminating against children with diabetes. The groups want the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division to look into the situation. 

The law center did its own investigation and found the numbers of programs willing to provide to be low.

Out of 75 Broward County pre-k programs only 16-percent (12 programs) are willing to make all the necessary accommodations necessary for a diabetic child. Diabetic children need help monitoring their blood sugar level and need help giving themselves insulin injections. A third of the programs said it didn't have space for a diabetic child. Though parents said they were told  there was space in the programs. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits discriminating against those with disabilities. The complaint states the program providers are violating this act.