Authorities in Brevard County say a man was mistakenly released from jail.  

According to Florida Today, Sheriff Wayne Ivey says Lamanceo Dorsey, 35, was supposed to be held until he saw a judge. 

Police say he was arrested on burglary and grand theft charges at the end of April. 

He walked out mistakenly on the same day.  Police say Dorsey hadn't seen a judge and jail staff allowed him to post bail of $7,000.

Sheriff Ivey says Dorsey was on probation for a heroin conviction.  According to court rules, Ivey says he should have been held without bond. 

Jail staff looked past the probation thinking his recent crime replaced the administrative order. 

Sheriff Ivey says it's up to Dorsey's probation officer to decide what happens to Dorsey.  He can be arrested again for violating probation.