They say the gun ends up in the wrong hands far too often, and the process is only getting easier.

"In Georgia, you can take a weapon into a bar -- a bar where they're serving alcohol, which impairs your decision-making abilities," Davis said.

"People like to compare guns to vehicles, you know, are we going to ban cars next? But, vehicles are a very highly regulated product," Blackmann said. "There has been leaps and bounds in safety features since the 60s in vehicles. We have seat belts; we have airbags; we have bumpers; we have anti-lock breaks. We know have cars that can stop when you get too close to somebody or they have a rear-view camera. When was the last safety improvement made in a firearm?"

Safety they say is what needs work in the gun industry.  Improved measures to protect the public because you never know what's going in the mind of the person behind the barrel.