Camden County's sheriff has scheduled a news conference for Wednesday morning to discuss a deputy "wearing inappropriate and unacceptable attire" to a Halloween party.

The Sheriff's Office identified the subject of the news conference as Deputy Chad Palmer.  

WJXT obtained a photo allegedly showing Palmer that night with black paint covering his face and arms, wearing a jail uniform and wearing striped clothing as if he were an inmate.

Channel 4 spoke with people in Camden County to get their feelings about the picture. Marshall Dillard, who just moved from New Jersey, said he thinks the costume was a bad idea.

"You don't put nothing past people down here," Dillard said. "I don't do that, and he's an authority figure. That's bad."

Emily Russell told Channel 4 that she worries about the impression something like this will give other people about Camden County.

"People are very friendly, it's a very accepting community and I hope something like this doesn't affect community as a whole, because we love each other. This is love town," said Russell.

"I don't see any racism," said Shawnessy Roberts.

Roberts said she's not a racist person so she wouldn't even think of the picture as being racist.

The Sheriff's Office is planning on addressing the media about the controversial picture Wednesday morning.