A charter school's officials, in Riverdale, say they are heading to court in hopes of getting the school open.  They want the city to conduct inspections into the case.

Utopian Academy for the Arts wants to be able to open its doors to begin classes for the 200 students. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports the school didn't open at its scheduled August 4 date.  The school says the city has kept the school from being able to be open.  School officials say a confusing round of requests and paperwork from the city has kept the school closed. 

One of the documents standing in the way is for a tax-exempt business license.  The school says the city is demanding the school applies.  Though, the school states in the state of Georgia, public schools don't need a business license to operate.  

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, L'Erin Barnes, Riverdale City attorney, has declined to comment.