• To introduce young writers to a wide variety of genres
  • To teach creative and critical analysis skills
  • To encourage girls to explore and broaden their creative talents, both oral and written
  • To nurture girls and promote healthy behaviors so that they can make life choices through positive direction for a happy empowered life
  • To assist girls in preparing for their future towards education
  • To inspire girls to pursue careers in writing, such as journalism, public relations, screenwriting, songwriting, corporate communication, publishing, website content producing, editing and creative writing
  • To provide girls with better communication skills and tools to confidently pursue the challenges they may face

WriteGirl is essential to helping our young women know how important their thoughts and feelings are, not just their looks and bodies. WriteGirl sees the women in these girls and provides a safe space for young women to speak their voices as writers, activists, artists, and much more. It has become a stepping-stone to many opportunities for young girls. 

Source: http://www.writegirl.org/