Grace period over for Westside red light cameras

Violators will now receive $158 tickets

Author: Samantha Rambeau, Associate producer, The Morning Show,
Published On: Jan 31 2014 05:23:39 AM EST   Updated On: Jan 31 2014 05:32:04 AM EST
Red light cameras

The grace period for four red light cameras on Blanding Boulevard has come to an end.

As of Friday morning, violations will be sent out to anyone caught crossing a red light at these intersections:

  1. Blanding Boulevard Eastbound at Argyle Forest Boulevard
  2. Blanding Boulevard Northbound at Collins Road
  3. Blanding Boulevard Southbound at Collins Road
  4. Blanding Boulevard Northbound and Youngerman Circle

If drivers are caught they will be mailed a ticket for $158.

For more information about Jacksonville's Red Light Enforcement Program please visit this website.