The family of a woman killed in December says it has finally reached an agreement with a towing company after Channel 4 started investigating their situation. The family claims a local towing company was taking advantage of them after their loved one was killed.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office says Telia Toaltoan Telia Toaltoan (pictured, right) was shot by her boyfriend, Prince Sanders, who then took off in her car. When police apprehended Sanders, the vehicle was eventually released to Toaltoan’s mother, Sonya Pannell, who was listed as next-of-kin on her daughter's death certificate.

Pannell lives with her daughter, Kishronda Patruska, who moved to Jacksonville from Arizona with her five children so she could care for Telia's sons, who are 2 and 3 years old.

But last month, the car was towed from their Arlington neighborhood and the family says REM Auto &Towing on Philips Highway refused to give it back because Toaltoan’s mother was not the registered owner.

Telia’s sister, Kishronda Patruska, says the car was parked in the driveway of an abandoned house, right next to their Arlington home. It was moved there so Patruska’s 3-year-old nephew, Darien, wouldn’t see it.

Patruska says Darien saw his father shoot and kill his mother and then take off her red Impala, and that car has given him night terrors.

“The first thing he said about everything that happened was that he was scared that his daddy was going to come back in the red car and shoot him. So I didn’t want to leave the car outside because it was something he was afraid of,” said Patruska.

She says a therapist has been treating her nephew since his mother's murder and advised that seeing the car is detrimental to his healing.

Patruska says when she left the car at the abandoned home; she left a note on the dash board explaining if the car needed to be moved she lives right next door. She also wrote her cellphone number on the note.

She says no one knocked on her door, or called her, but days later she noticed the car was gone.

“My mom called every notice that was posted on the door,” explained Patruska, describing several foreclosure notices posted on the front door.

What the family didn’t know was that the home had been sold, bought by a management company. Once the family found that management company, they were told to call REM Auto & Towing in order to get the car back. So they did.

“He told me I couldn’t get the car and he told me I couldn’t have it, he could only release it to Telia. I said ‘as much as I’d like to bring her back from the dead, I can’t,'” said Pannell.

Patruska says she also called REM Auto & Towing and says the owner told her the same thing.

Patruska says she responded to the towing company, “And I say no, the law says that you can release it to the registered owner or the person who has legal custody of it. And since the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office turned it over to her next of kin, which is my mom, which we can prove with her death certificate that would be who had legal custody of it. And he said ‘no’ it can only be the registered owner.”

Patruska then says she called the Jacksonville Sheriff's office.

"I called the help line," she said. "The officer was really nice and he called the tow truck company and called me back and said, 'Pretty much he doesn't want to release the car and he probably wants to sell it. And it's a civil matter and we're sorry but you will have to take it to court,'"

Patruska says she and her mother both kept calling REM Auto & Towing, but no one returned their calls. Two weeks after the car was towed, they say the owner changed his mind.

Patruska says the owner told her, “You can bring in the death certificate, but it has to have your mom’s name on it.”

Patruska say she then told him, “We already told you it has her name on it when we called you all those other times.”