Gov. Rick Scott signed on with other Gulf Coast governors to stop furloughs from happening to members of the National Guard.

Scott, along with governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant and governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, are asking President Barack Obama to stop the automatic federal budge cuts that will impact the National Guard. 

"On behalf of the citizens of the Gulf Coast States, we urge you to immediately direct the Department of Defense to exempt federal military technicians from the furlough that will begin today, July 8,2013."

Scott sent a letter to President Obama explaining that the planned furloughs to the National Guard come with very bad timing. The letter calls for the Department of Defense to exempt military technicians from mandatory one day a week furloughs. The letter says that otherwise, "critical life-saving systems such as helicopters, trucks, lights" will not be operating at peak performance when a hurricane hits.

The letter reads, "The recent tragedies with the Oklahoma tornado and Colorado wildfires clearly illustrate the need for National Guardsmen and their equipment to respond to the needs of our citizens. Help us defend our homeland and safeguard our states when they are most vulnerable to disasters, by ending the National Guard furloughs."

When disaster hits, guardsmen are supposed to spread around the state and lend a hand in the crisis.  Channel 4 reached out to Congresswoman Corrine Brown about the letter, and she agreed with the governors' move to push the President to stop furloughs from happening.

"If that's what the governor says, I will agree with the governor. We need a comprehensive solution, keep in mind the problem that you're calling me about is a man made problem. The congress made this problem and the congress can correct it," said Brown.

Read the governor's' letter to President Obama.