Taking its name from a Yiddish word meaning “shake-up,” Tumml was started by CEO Clara Brenner and President Julie Lein. Each had a background studying how innovation can affect social change; Brenner helped launch a crowd-funded community real estate start-up fundraiser while working at Washington, D.C.-based WestMill Capital. Former political pollster Lein spent a summer with Oakland’s healthy school-lunch provider Revolution Foods, via a fellowship with Education Pioneers.

Tumml is an urban ventures accelerator with the mission of empowering entrepreneurs to solve urban problems. A nonprofit, Tumml's goal is to identify and support the next generation of Zipcars and Revolution Foods. Through a customized, four year program, Tumml invites early stage companies into its office space to receive hands-on support, seed funding, and services to help grow their businesses and make significant impact on their communities. It is taking a unique approach on entrepreneurship with big impacts for society.

Tumml is launching a new incubation program to help support early-stage companies that are developing solutions to urban problems. Participating companies will receive support that includes office space, seed funding, legal services, and mentorship. These companies will be creating consumer products and services useful to cities, meaning they’ll have sustainable business models and will benefit the local economy. Tumml will take an equity stake in the ventures but, as a non-profit, will reinvest returns back into the program.